How do I Become an Administrative Office Manager?

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While office administration jobs can be found in almost every industry, the majority of these types of positions usually are found in health care, business services, banks, government agencies, insurance companies, and schools. They typically encompass all departments and levels of the workforce. Due to the large number of office personnel and administrative office assistants, there usually is a great need for administrative office managers to plan, direct and supervise the daily workflow to meet the operational goals of the organization. There are different ways to become an administrative office manager, including education and promotion within the company.

The majority of administrative office manager positions require a secondary degree, whether it is an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or higher. There are many different schools, classes, and programs for the office administrator position, including traditional four-year universities, community colleges and trade schools. Courses in accounting, business math, computer applications, office technology, human resources, and business law typically must be taken to receive the certification or degree to become an administrative office manager.


Any candidate who wants to become an administrative office manager usually must have related work experience, even after obtaining all educational requirements for the job. Many times this is the reason internal promotions are the most common way to attain this position. Administrative office managers have many responsibilities that typically include planning work, supervising staff, reviewing work, completing employee evaluations, and hiring and terminating employees. With this wide spectrum of duties, office administration managers usually must know and understand employee strengths and weaknesses, how long assignments take, and how to train and manage others.

A person starting in an entry-level position such as a receptionist, accounting clerk, administrative assistant, or other position that assists in learning the company and personnel, typically is a likely candidate to become an administrative office manager. Along with the on-the-job experience, candidates usually must prepare by taking professional development classes on topics such as interpersonal relationships, coaching, time management, and project management. It also can be beneficial for a candidate to seek supervisor training opportunities in the current positions. Companies also might look for skill sets that include teamwork, organization, leadership, and good communication when promoting from within the organization.

Another important personality trait that typically is needed to become an administrative office manager is having excellent people skills. Office administrators usually act as liaisons between all levels of personnel and have to resolve issues on a regular basis. Some projects might include restructuring departments, implementing new company policies, and mediating interpersonal conflicts. Usually, they also must understand labor agreements and report any issues to the upper management team.

Becoming an administrative office manager typically requires a candidate to be able to work with all different types of personalities and professional levels. This usually includes everyone from the mail clerk to the vice president. Knowing how to be detail-oriented, analytical, creative, and flexible at the same time can be necessary to be successful in this position.


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