How do I Become an ADD Coach?

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Coaching people with attention deficit disorder (ADD) lets you mentor them and help them achieve their life goals, like excelling in careers and building relationships. In order to become an ADD coach, there are a few steps that are beneficial, although they are not required. To start, make sure you have the characteristics that make a successful ADD coach. Next, you should consider taking educational courses specifically for coaching people with ADD and getting certified. You can be an independent ADD coach, or you might work for a company that matches you with potential clients.

First, assess your qualities to ensure that you have the characteristics that most clients look for in an ADD coach. You will need to have good listening and communication skills since you will be interacting face-to-face with clients. Observational and organizational skills will be essential for evaluating your clients’ needs and helping them come up with action plans. Compassion, motivation, and drive will be needed to aid your clients with achieving their goals. If you have these qualities, then you have the fundamentals desirable to become an ADD coach.


Although there is no specific schooling, licensing, or certification required to become an ADD coach, it is beneficial for you to take coaching courses because most ADD clients will look for a coach with education and certification. There are several private companies that offer courses in coaching, and some that specialize in ADD coaching. Some training companies will require that you have basic coach training before you specialize in ADD, however. The courses may be offered online, as telecourses, or have training manuals. Most of the private coaching companies will charge fees for their training courses.

Along with educational courses for coaching, you can obtain certification through organizations such as the International Coach Federation or the Institute for the Advancement of AD/HD Coaching. Certification is not necessary to become an ADD coach, but it is often advantageous. Getting credentials typically requires taking a certain number of hours of coaching courses as well as logging your coaching sessions with clients. In addition, you will usually need to fill out an application form and pay a fee. Some certifications also require passing oral or written exams.

Once you are ready to become an ADD coach, there are several measures you can take to get clients. One thing you can do is seek an internship with a practicing ADD coach to gain experience and build a client base. You can also register online with databases that provide lists of available coaches to potential clients, or you can advertise your services locally. Another option would be to work for a coaching company that can match you up with ADD clients.


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Post 3

@Soulfox @Logicfest -- You both have good points about ADD and life coaching. But think about this. What about a psychologist who overcame ADD to earn a doctorate and go on to help other people who suffer from that?

I would think that kind of person would be the ideal ADD coach for someone, and I bet you two would be willing to agree with me given the comments you have made.

Post 2

@Soulfox -- You have a very good point, but I would also think a psychologist who has helped people triumph over ADD would be a very good life coach for people dealing with that condition.

A psychologist might not have ADD, but it is hard to deny that someone who has made a career out of treating that condition could have some tips to pass along to people suffering from it. That psychologist might not have ADD, but you'd better believe they'll have some information to share and can tell plenty of inspirational stories of people who have dealt with that condition and have done well in life.

Post 1

This whole thing, as I understand it, falls in the very poorly defined category of life coaching. Often, those who engage in life coaching have overcome adversity of some sort, have emerged victorious from it and have learned some relevant skills to pass along to others.

For example, someone who dealt with credit problems and bankruptcy but learned how to control their spending and get ahead in life can run around teaching seminars on how other people going through financial difficulties can succeed.

Similarly, a good ADD coach may be someone who has that condition and has figured out how to manage it and do well with it. Kind of an ADD life coach, get it? I would think dealing successfully with ADD would be the right place to start for anyone wanting a career as an ADD coach.

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