How Do I Become a Zumba® Instructor?

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Zumba® is a fast-paced, high-energy dance and fitness course that blends classic Latin dance moves with hip-hop, funk, stretching, and strength training. With so many people looking to have fun while getting in shape, deciding to become a Zumba® instructor can be the gateway to a lucrative career. The only requirement necessary to become a Zumba® instructor is a one-day course taught by a licensed instructor, but many Zumba® teachers augment this basic training with a variety of other steps.

If a person is planning to become a Zumba® instructor, it may help to get familiar with the format of the class and the skills required. Zumba® is offered as a course at hundreds of fitness centers and gyms; in a large city, dozens of Zumba® classes may be going on in a single day. Taking a class will help potential instructors understand the energy level required, the flow of a class, and the differences between good Zumba® teachers and poor ones. This can be great training, both the get the body ready for a physically taxing job, and to give a future instructor ideas for running his or her class.


In order to find a training course, check with local gyms for Zumba® certification classes. In addition, the Zumba® website operates a searchable database with information on upcoming teacher training based on location. The basic training course usually lasts one day, and requires a fee. Any person can take the training course and become a Zumba® instructor, though aspiring instructors should be certain that they are physically healthy enough to endure several hours of strenuous training.

There are many additional Zumba® training courses a teacher can take to further his or her quest to become a Zumba® instructor. Advanced classes may not be available in all areas, and are typically offered less regularly than the basic course. Further courses offered by Zumba® teachers may include more advanced dance steps, modifications for adding strength training into the routine, and even a class on how to teach Zumba® in a pool. In addition to official Zumba® classes, a person who wants to become a Zumba® instructor may want to take CPR or basic medical training classes, in order to ensure their students' safety during class.

Trying to become a Zumba® instructor requires more than just passing the class, however. New teachers may decide to try and find a job teaching at an existing fitness studio or gym, or rent out a space and begin teaching independently. With either method, a teacher will need to start preparing a fun and exciting class that attracts students or can help demonstrate skills to employers. It may help to teach a few “practice classes” to friends and family first, so that they can offer advice on how to improve the class. Putting together the right combination of music, moves, and motivation can take some time, but can ultimately pay off with rooms full of eager students, ready for a great workout.


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Post 3

@SarahG - You're right, becoming a zumba instructor doesn't happen in one day. It's a combination of taking classes, building confidence, becoming familiar with the dance moves, and then taking the class to learn how to teach it.

After the day of instructor training, you come home with lots of dvds to help further your training and confidence. Plus, you have to get re-certified every year, which is a fun way to re-energize you and your teaching skills.

Post 2

I don't understand how one day of zumba instructor training is really enough to teach you everything you need to know.

Post 1

Before attending a Zumba certification class to learn how to become a Zumba instructor, I'd say it's vital to have attended many, many Zumba classes as a student first.

Not only that, but be certain that you really enjoy choreographing dance moves and choosing music for your students. If you don't enjoy that part of it, this may not be for you.

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