How do I Become a Water Damage Specialist?

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There are several options for an individual who wants to become a water damage specialist. He may choose among a variety of online options, including those that provide training and certification. He may also choose to attend live sessions in a classroom from a school that offers classes and credentials in water damage inspection. When attempting this educational path, a hopeful water damage specialist will learn subjects such as water damage assessment, disaster clean up, and mold handling and treatment. Construction-related experience is helpful, as the assessment of building damage is a crucial task in this occupation.

Many online schools offer classes, testing, and certificates for a student who wishes to become a water damage specialist. These schools usually charge a fee for a comprehensive program or may allow students to take individual classes and pay accordingly. Additionally, many of these online programs will also provide certification assessment and water damage licensing.

Another option is to attend a school with similar options, but without the sole use of computer technology. These schools also provide classes in water, mold, and cleanup and the associated tests and credentials. While a computer might be used for certain learning applications, the majority of these courses are performed in person.


Finally, an individual might choose to become a water damage specialist by focusing on experience, knowledge, and certification, without attending an organized learning facility or online program. A water specialist in this case may obtain a job in the water damage field, study independently and, depending upon laws and regulations for his location, complete the test and receive a certificate. This will allow him to perform water damage inspections, prepare estimates, and engage in cleanup efforts.

Once education and certification are complete, an individual who wishes to become a water damage specialist may find work at an insurance company that handles residential or commercial water damage policies and claims. Another option would be to work for a governmental department that handles water damage and needs an assessor to estimate damages, submit related reports, and develop action plans. A water damage specialist may also choose to work independently and manage inspections and repairs for many different clients simultaneously. Many water damage specialists focus on one aspect of the job such as assessment and reporting, while others focus on construction and treatment efforts to repair damage. An individual who has become a water damage specialist may also combine all of these skills for a comprehensive service package of appraisal, forecasting, and improvements for each client.


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