How Do I Become a Warehouse Worker?

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A warehouse worker may perform various tasks in a warehouse setting, including shipping, receiving, packaging, and performing inventory. The qualifications you will need to become a warehouse worker are minimal, and you will not need any specific level of education to secure a job. You will, however, need basic math and communications skills in order to work a warehouse worker, so it helps to be working on or have completed a high school education. Be sure to look into the application requirements at any warehouse you are interested in working at so you know what you will need to do in order to qualify for a position.

Stay in good physical condition as much as possible. Once you become a warehouse worker, you will likely need to perform duties that require heavy lifting, and you will spend most of the work day on your feet. You do not necessarily need to be in peak physical condition, but it certainly helps to be in decent shape. Many companies will require you to complete a physical examination performed by a doctor, and the job functions you can perform may be affected by the results of the physical exam.


Certain types of machinery are commonly used in warehouses, so if you want to increase your chances of getting a job as a warehouse worker, you can undergo some types of training that will give you licenses or certifications. You can, for example, undergo forklift training, as these machines are some of the most commonly used in warehouses. Forklift training will give you the skills necessary to safely operate various types of forklifts, and you will get a certification that may be required by law in order to operate the machines within warehouses. You may also undergo safety training, or you can get a commercial driver's license to show employers you are prepared to become a warehouse worker.

You will be able to simply fill out a job application in order to become a warehouse worker, but some companies may require you to submit a resumé. This is a document that outlines your education, training, and job experience that will qualify you for a position with the company. It is a good idea to have this document prepared ahead of time; you can either hire a professional to write your resumé for you, or you can write it yourself if you feel confident in your writing abilities. A resumé shows employers that you are organized and ready for the responsibilities of a job within the company.


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Post 3

When I was in college, my friends and I would go down to one of the local employment agencies near campus and sign up for temporary jobs in some of the nearby warehouses. The warehouses usually paid the best money out of all of the jobs the agencies offered that we were qualified for.

Since most of us were on sports scholarships, working in these warehouses was the way many of us made enough money to buy our Christmas gifts and also keep a little money in our pockets. We didn't have time to keep a regular job because of all of the time we spent with classes and with our particular sports.

The warehouse work was steady

and we moved tons of boxes, but we were all in good shape, and we thought of the work as a good way to exercise our muscles and get paid at the same time. Had we not been in the warehouse we would have been in the weight room anyway.
Post 2

@Laotionne - Some warehouse workers never have to touch the boxes they move because they use forklifts and other equipment to move the boxes. Also, there are some warehouses that have special workers who handle the large packages then divide the contents of the larger boxes and place it all in smaller boxes.

These smaller boxes are then labeled and placed in racks so that the workers (pickers) can retrieve the smaller boxes as they are needed. This way not everyone has to be strong enough to handle the 40 pound to 100 pound packages.

Post 1

The article mentions that you should be in good condition when you work in a warehouse. Do most warehouse workers have to do heavy lifting?

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