How Do I Become a VBA Programmer?

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You can become a visual basic for applications (VBA) programmer by gaining a basic understanding of this programming language's purpose, examining the structure and syntax of VBA code, and selecting the right options for learning to write this code. Different learning options include self-paced online tutorials or formal classes in VBA programming. Prior experience in computer programing can be helpful for your goal to become a VBA programmer, though it is generally not a requirement. Once you have completed your coursework in VBA programming, you can often find open job opportunities in areas, such as real estate, finance, and many other fields that require large amounts of data organization to be accomplished with this type of programming.

As with other types of computer programming, solid samples of your past work normally give you the best chances to become a VBA programmer. If you do not have previous experience coding in another programming language, an introductory course in programming concepts is often helpful. This kind of class usually covers the overall concepts behind creating software programs. To become a VBA programmer, you generally need to be able to define an existing problem and formulate a technical solution that a specific VBA program will solve. Skills at developing a detailed plan for a program are sometimes considered more important than writing the code itself.


Once you have gained the needed skills at programming concepts, you are ready to learn VBA programming from the beginning. Many entry-level VBA programmer jobs require candidates to have experience creating VBA add-ons for larger-scale software programs. These typically include spreadsheet and database programs. Your training to become a VBA programmer should also ideally include lessons in the advanced use of these programs so that you are able to modify them with VBA code.

You usually have the option to complete online courses that will prepare you for a VBA programmer career, and much of this learning can be done at your own pace. As you progress through your classwork, keep copies of VBA projects you have completed successfully to present to potential employers. Many hiring managers prefer to see code samples and documentation along with your standard resume. A formal college degree in computer science or information technology can open up more opportunities for you to become a VBA programmer, although you can also be hired for some positions based on your past practical experience with visual basic for applications.


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