How Do I Become a Unit Supply Specialist?

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To become a unit supply specialist it will require enlistment in the United States Army, under the military occupational specialty (MOS) 92Y. Responsible for efficiently, but effectively distributing supplies to soldiers in garrison and in the field, the unit supply specialist will need relevant training provided by the Army. This means attending and successfully completing basic training. Thereafter, the new soldier will need to attend complete his or her MOS training to become a unit supply specialist. Training ensures the solider understands how the Army logistics and supply systems work as well as what is required of the role when placed at a unit supply depot.

Enlistment in the Army is the first step required to become a unit supply specialist. Requirements to enlist will include a high school diploma or its equivalent if the candidate attended school outside the United States, a clean criminal background, and residency status in the United States. Candidates will need to visit an Army recruitment center, take and successfully pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, and request the MOS 92Y upon enlistment. If vacancies are available in the 92Y MOS and candidates achieve high enough scores on the ASVAB for that MOS, he or she will be placed in one of those vacancies contingent upon passing the required training. Minimum score for 92Y is a 95 under the clerical line (CL) score.


Reporting to and graduating from basic training is the next step to become a unit supply specialist. During basic training, the new recruit will need to learn how to function as a contributing solider in the United States Army. He or she will learn basic combat skills, technical and communications skills, and how to operate various weapons and computer systems used by the Army. The recruit will also improve fitness and maintain Army physical fitness standards as well. Successful completion of basic training allows the new solider to progress into MOS training for 92Y.

During training to become a unit supply specialist, the new soldier learns to perform all the required duties demanded of the role. Students will focus on learning stock control and accounting procedures. In addition, he or she will learn proper procedures to receive stock and ammunition, how to ship both, how to store them, and how to issue them to unit soldiers. Additionally, the new soldier will learn special handling procedures for medical and food supplies as well as movement, storage and maintenance of ammunition. Successful completion culminates in being awarded the 92Y MOS and placement at a unit as a supply specialist.


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