How Do I Become a Treasury Analyst?

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A treasury analyst is responsible for the financial well-being of an organization and must have the ability to invest funds which will result in a profit for the business. It is virtually impossible to become a treasury analyst without a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance; a master’s degree is usually desirable. A bachelor’s degree program is approximately four years in duration and is followed by two years of work experience. Once the two years are up, the prospective treasury analyst must complete a final examination to verify the requisite financial skills. Recertification is generally mandatory every three years.

A treasury analyst can work for various different organizations and is responsible for managing the company’s financial affairs with particular attention paid to the annual budget. To become a treasury analyst, it is important to be comfortable with responsibility because part of the job involves assessing financial risk and investing a firm’s funds. Treasury analysts must also have tremendous people skills because they are often expected to act as a liaison for possible mergers among other duties.

A bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, or finance is the minimum requirement to become a treasury analyst. The majority of employers expect candidates to have a master’s degree in one of the above fields to be considered for the job. As part of the degree program, undergraduate students study topics such as financial theory and practice, business law, information systems, and international business.


The bachelor’s degree program normally lasts four years, and successful graduates are often recruited by companies once their schooling has been completed. Students are also encouraged to look online for job availabilities. In order to become a certified treasury professional, students with the requisite bachelor’s degree often must also complete two years of work experience in the field.

Once this work experience is completed, a certification exam is often the next step. This test is usually conducted by the Association for Financial Professionals. There are preparation materials for the exam available online. Knowledge of financial planning and the role of treasury management may be assessed by the exam.

The final exam to become a treasury analyst is supervised at a specific testing center. The exam usually involves knowing how to deal with issues relating to capital and risk management and the liquidity of corporations. Successful completion of the test shows that the candidate has the necessary treasury management skills including awareness of ethical standards and practices. Depending on the jurisdiction, each treasury analyst may have to undergo a certification exam every three years.


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