How do I Become a Telecommunications Consultant?

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In order to become a telecommunications consultant, candidates must have a combination of related experience and excellent communication and planning skills. A telecommunications consultant is responsible for managing the relationship between the telecommunications company and an organization. This position is typically within the telecommunications department and often includes supervisory responsibilities.

Telecommunications consultants typically work in large organizations. They are responsible for managing all the different telecommunications devices, numbers, and equipment owned by the company. The increased acceptance of cellular phones and related devices has significantly increased the number of assets for the consultant to coordinate.

Most people who become a telecommunications consultant started their careers as administrative staff and have completed a post-secondary training program in administration or business management at the community college level. These programs are two to three years in length and provide all the computer and management skills required for a consultant role. The ability to use a range of software products, communicate in writing, and work as a member of a team are all essential in this role.

Many people who become a telecommunications consultant began in the telecommunications industry. Due to a series of restructuring and organizational changes, many people who were experienced with this industry moved to positions in other industries. The ability for a company to manage all the telecommunication activities through a central office has become increasingly important.


In a business environment, most offices have a direct telephone line. A multi-line telephone is required at the reception desk, and many conference rooms will have speaker phones or other telecommunication devices. Once you become a telecommunications consultant, you are responsible for keeping track of all the units, including cell phones assigned to specific staff members or rotated through a team of people.

Each land line or telephone can be either a direct line or an extension. Both methods require the telecommunications consultant to maintain the name of the person in the staff directory, reset the voice mail password as required, and set the long distance permissions. In many firms, the telecommunications consultant is also responsible for managing the bills related to these services. He or she must reconcile the accounts against the active lines, confirm that all the charges are appropriate, and work with the department managers if there are any issues with the accounts. Most firms review the telecommunication service contracts each year to ensure they are receiving the best value possible, and this is usually managed by the telecommunications consultant.


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