How Do I Become a Studio Manager?

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The steps you'll have to take to become a studio manager will likely depend on the employer with which you apply and the type of studio you hope to manage. Usually, employers require at least a high school or General Educational Development® (GED®) diploma as well as experience working in the type of studio in question. In lieu of such experience, however, some employers will accept customer service or sales experience. Additionally, organizational, leadership, problem-solving and communication skills, among others, are required for this position.

The level of education you will need to become a studio manager will likely depend on the type of studio in which you will work. In general, however, you won't need a college degree for many of these positions. Instead, you can typically land this job after you have earned a high school or a GED® diploma. If the studio job you seek will require you to have special technical abilities, you will probably need appropriate training as well. Some employers will also provide on-the-job training in preparation for this position.


Experience is also important when you want to become a studio manager. Some employers will want you to have extensive experience working in the type of studio you will manage, though the exact amount of time will generally vary from employer to employer. For example, if you are hoping to land a job as a portrait studio manager, you might benefit from experience working in such an environment. Likewise, if you hope to become a recording studio manager, recording studio experience is typically desired. Additionally, experience in a customer service or sales-related position may prove helpful.

When you want to become a studio manager, you will likely also need a range of skills that will help your employer have confidence in your ability to perform the job well. For example, you will typically need above-average organizational skills to do well in this career as well as a talent for paying close attention to detail. You will usually also need the ability to work well independently. Additionally, a potential employer generally will expect you to be responsible and conscientious.

Among the others skills and attributes you will typically need when you want to become a studio manager are communication skills and leadership abilities. Many employers will expect you to handle at least some of the decisions that involve hiring and firing and to be able to delegate tasks on an as-needed basis. Your ability to meet deadlines, prioritize, and manage schedules may prove important as well. Likewise, skills in motivating others and problem solving may help improve your chances of succeeding in this career.


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