How Do I Become a Sports Manager?

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A sports manager is a demanding but rewarding job that involves dealing with the careers of those involved in professional athletics. A bachelor’s degree in sports management is usually needed to gain an entry-level position in a management agency. Knowledge of how to "meet and greet" industry contacts is essential to anyone aspiring to become a sports manager; the ability to handle elite sports stars is also an asset. Successful sports managers know how to sign and represent star athletes and have strong communication skills because public speaking is part of the everyday job.

The area of sports management involves every element of the sports industry such as contracts, marketing, and finance. Those looking to become a sports manager must have the ability to work hard and not be discouraged by starting at the bottom of the ladder. The field of sports management is growing and becoming more lucrative every year.

A bachelor’s degree in sports management is the basic requirement for anyone looking to become a sports manager. Courses such as contract law, accounting, and marketing should be taken during this undergraduate degree program. Even with this qualification, prospective sports managers must be prepared to start at an entry level position in an organization before possibly going out on their own.


Networking is one of the keys for anyone looking to become a sports manager. One of the best ways to become a success is by gaining as many contacts as possible. Long work hours are often mandatory for budding sports managers with seven day weeks not uncommon.

There are many facets to this particular industry. Learn the various aspects of sports management including public relations, contract negotiation, and budget creation. A sports manager must also be confident enough to deal with multi-millionaire professional athletes and cater to their demands.

Part of the job includes meeting with amateur athletes and finding out if they have the ability to be an asset to the sports management company if they turn pro. If a team is interested in the services of a particular player who is under contract with the sports management agency, it is up to the sports manager or agent to help negotiate a salary. Sports managers who that show an ability to sigh and retain a player to a management contract are the ones who quickly rise up the ladder to success.

Strong communication skills are essential for anyone seeking to become a sports manager. As well as dealing with professional athletes, the manager must also have effective public speaking abilities because he or she will often be involved in business meetings and press conferences. Other skills include the ability to generate positive public exposure for the client including scheduling commercial endorsements and booking appearances at charity events.


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