How do I Become a Software Architect?

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You must have a sound basis in computer science and computer software design in order to become a software architect. Educational requirements vary depending on the type of software you would like to build. Aspiring software architects should at least have a bachelor's degree in computer science in order to appeal to more employers and to master the concepts that will be utilized in the industry. Some computer software designers choose to further their studies by obtaining an advanced degree in computer science. While a master's degree is not necessary in securing adequate software architect positions, it does command a greater salary for those who hold it.

Learning how to program well is imperative for anyone who is trying to become a software architect. Particularly, you should have a solid grounding in design oriented languages. These languages focus more on the front-end of computer programming, the part of the software that interacts directly with users, such as a website interface. Usually, people who are interested in software design learn these important programming languages in an undergraduate program focused on computer science.


To become a software architect, students will also learn how to design and maintain all of the back-end processes that make a piece of software or a web application run smoothly from start to finish. Such programmers typically master the ins and outs of strong, dynamic computer programming languages such as Perl or Python or Visual Basic (VB). It is important that a software architect understands the processes which occur behind the scenes of a software application in order to know how exactly to go about fixing the software should a problem arise.

Some computer software designers are more interested in studying, building, and maintaining the relational databases which store all of the data that a piece of software requires to run on a desktop or on the Internet. As computer science majors, students will concentrate on learning how to program in Structured Query Language (SQL) and how to utilize its database management system, MySQL. As the amount of digital data grows, understanding how to manipulate servers and databases will become an increasingly significant part of the software architect's job.

It should be noted that you can obtain computer programming skills without securing a bachelor's or a master's degree. Nonetheless, having these degrees show potential employers that you are serious in your desire to become a software architect. These degrees also point to a definite level of understanding in regards to the programming skills needed to design outstanding software.


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