How Do I Become a Social Media Coordinator?

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Becoming a social media coordinator takes a high level of interest and expertise in the field. If you're considering a career as a social media coordinator, you should have a keen marketing sense, an analytic outlook, and a strong social media presence. Training in college and at conferences can boost your chances. Many corporations hire social media coordinators to work in their corporate headquarters, and they are usually in charge of the entire span of the company's social media presence. There are other social media specialists who work independently, handling social marketing for many different companies, while larger public relations and marketing firms also hire this type of media coordinator.

Social media training is typically learned on the job; however, there are courses that one can take to master the basics of this type of media. To become a social media coordinator, one may look into obtaining a marketing or communications degree. This is not something that is required, but numerous high-level social media coordinators and strategists possess bachelor's degrees or higher. To become a social media coordinator who is well educated and up-to-date with the current trends in the marketplace, you should attend social media and digital marketing conferences. These conferences typically include industry leaders as keynote speakers and oftentimes have breakout sessions that teach groundbreaking strategies as well as offering valuable networking opportunities.


It is important that a person who is looking to become a social media coordinator possess a strong set of communication skills and the ability to manage many media platforms at once with a high level of influence over a network of followers or fans. Those who are successful in this industry tend to stand out in a crowd on the social media networks. They are considered leaders within their own social circles.

In order to become a social media coordinator, you should decide which type interests you the most. There are social media coordinators who work for large corporations and focus on branding, which can include managing many brands over many social media networks. Others work independently as freelancers or entrepreneurs and provide social media and public relations services for companies. There are social media coordinators who work for large public relations or marketing firms and handle certain clients. The main difference among these types of coordinators is primarily the work environment because the functions of the job are similar across the board.


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@fBoyle-- As far as I know, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It's about how visible a website is in the unpaid search results of a search engine.

One thing that social media coordinators are expected to do is keep track of their content's SEO and think of ways to improve it. I think there are courses that one can take to learn about SEO and how to use it. I'm sure that it's a topic covered in social marketing courses as well. So I suggest taking courses in social marketing to learn how to use SEO.

Post 2

I want to work in social media and I hope to be a social media coordinator one day. I've learned that SEO is an important area for social media coordinators to know about. What is SEO and how can I gain experience in it?

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I think it's also important to mention that a social media coordinator may also need to know how to build a website, make and edit images and videos and worth with statistical software.

Usually, when a company hires a social media coordinator, they want this individual to take care of everything about their social media campaign. Large companies may have a whole team, but smaller ones usually just have one person working on it.

Since a social media campaign also involves things like uploading videos and images and preparing statistics about the reach of the campaign, it's important for the coordinator to have skills and experience in these areas.

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