How do I Become a SEO Consultant?

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You can become a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant by learning the techniques used in SEO, using those same techniques and skills to find clients, and providing your expert opinion to businesses looking for cost-effective online advertising. Whether or not you will need formal education is dependent on your specialty and location. You may be able to become a SEO consultant by learning through online tutorials and practicing with your own sites, or you may take a formal marketing course in online advertising.

SEO refers to various techniques which are used to boost a website’s visibility. These can include proper web design, the use of keywords in writing and coding, and strategizing one’s efforts to reach as many people as possible in as short amount of time as possible. Articles, blogs, social networking sites, and other avenues can all be used for SEO purposes.


The biggest challenge and responsibility of anyone who wishes to become a SEO consultant is to learn to use the techniques which are available in the most cost-effective and timely ways. To do this, you will need to do your homework. Learn the most popular sites on the web, including sites you may use to advertise the businesses of your clients. For example, posting articles with links back to a site is a great way to boost visibility and boost search engine rankings. If you begin posting articles and links to sites that do not receive many visitors, you will lower your chances for success.

To become a SEO consultant, you may decide to learn your marketing skills through a university or college. Although many educational institutions do not have degree programs directed at SEO or Internet marketing, most marketing majors will cover these areas in the course of study. You can also learn the skills you will use through online classes, tutorials, or by speaking with other marketing experts who specialize in SEO. Many web design courses will also discuss search engine optimization principles, and will allow you to offer both design and consulting services.

Once you have developed the skills you need, you will be ready to go about finding clients. As an SEO consultant, the best way to find clients is to use your skills in SEO to find them. If you have the skills needed, then boosting views to your own site is a great way to demonstrate your expertise to clients. Use your own statistics in your advertising. Create a website and begin advertising online and marketing your services using various methods. More traditional print ads and word of mouth are also good methods, so don’t rule them out.

The final step in maintaining your business as a SEO consultant is to provide good work and effective results to every client. Ask for referrals from satisfied customers and gain permission to post their testimonials to your website. You should also remember to make sure each person is satisfied with your work and their overall results.

You can also become a SEO consultant by applying to web design companies, writing specialists, and other SEO-related businesses. Many times you will be hired to do a specific job, such as writing SEO content or designing sites, but you may also give advice to clients based on your own knowledge and experience. This is a good way to learn new skills, gain inside knowledge, get firsthand experience on the job, and learn how to interact with clients. These skills will be necessary if you intend to start your own consulting business later on.


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