How do I Become a Security System Installer?

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With the increase in security concerns in many homes and businesses, there has been an increase in demand for qualified security system installers in many regions. The security industry is growing at a higher than average rate in many communities around the globe. If you would like to become a security system installer, there are many opportunities to get the training and experience needed to find work in this field.

Security installers provide the manual and technical labor to install a wide variety of security systems in buildings and homes to alert owners of intruders, unauthorized access to certain areas or other undesirable activity on their property. From installing simple home systems to putting in complex business security networks, security installers have the expertise to handle the job. Becoming a security system installer requires being able to adapt to the different needs of this career.

One of the best ways to become a security system installer is to obtain learning through an industry-approved training course. There are courses in security concepts and technical installation requirements available at many colleges, trade schools and universities which provide adequate training needed for this line of work. In addition, there is often security training opportunities available through online coursework that can lead to certification in security installation.


You can also find on-the-job training and apprenticeship opportunities through local security systems companies. Since the need for security installers is growing, companies are willing to train entry-level installers who show technical ability for rewarding jobs. New hires in security installation must be able to work under other more skilled security system installers for a period of up to one year in order to learn the skills in order to become certified installers.

Another way to earn the experience needed to become a security system installer is to offer to install simple security systems for friends and family on your own. While these projects may be unpaid, you will get the experience needed to be able to start installing security systems for others in their homes, cars and office buildings. Over a period of time, you can contract with a regional security installation company as a subcontractor or open your own business.

Lastly, a good way to become a security system installer is to study new technology and consider learning skills in Internet safety, network security and business systems security, in order to branch out into other areas of security. You may also want to consider a career in information technology as a sideline to installing security systems so that you can offer more services to clientele. Continue to learn all you can about security as a whole for the best results in your new career.


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