How Do I Become a Security Dispatcher?

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A security dispatcher is responsible for coordinating responses to security issues such as robberies and thefts that occur at business premises or at the homes of individuals who receive protection from security firms. Anyone wishing to become a security dispatcher must typically complete high school and gain some kind of administrative or security related experience. Additionally, some employers prefer to hire dispatchers who have worked as police officers or who have armed services experience.

Many security firms install burglar alarms and other devices in residential property and at business locations. Some firms have internal security departments that are responsible for providing onsite security. A security dispatcher fields phone calls related to security incidents which means that anyone wishing to become a security dispatcher must be able to easily communicate over the telephone. Additionally, dispatchers must quickly respond to security incidents by contacting the local police force or security officers. They must have the ability to multi-task since they often have to be in contact with several parties with regard to a single incident.

Dispatchers often have to complete reports detailing security incidents. In many instances, dispatchers also have to liaise with the police and complete formal police reports about thefts and other crimes. Someone wishing to become a security dispatcher must have good administrative skills and many firms require dispatchers to have the ability to type very quickly since time is of the essence when crimes are unfolding.


Many municipal or regional governments operate ambulance, police and fire response services. Members of the public can report crimes, fires and accidents by calling dispatchers who in turn must contact the appropriate branch of the emergency services. Some security firms prefer to hire dispatchers who have experience working as emergency service dispatchers since the nature of the work is very similar. In many instances, firms only consider applications from candidates who have a certain number of years of dispatching experience.

Aside from performing administrative duties, some dispatchers are also responsible for assessing threat levels. If an individual breaks into a building, the dispatcher may have to decide whether to notify on-site security officers or police officers. The police may take longer to arrive but the on-site security officers may not have the legal right to use the necessary force to handle armed criminals. Consequently, an individual wishing to become a security dispatcher may have to spend some time working as a police officer or a solider since many security firms prefer to hire those with experience in responding to dangerous situations.


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