How Do I Become a Security Consultant?

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There are several different paths you can take to become a security consultant, and the best method for you likely depends on your background and the field of security you wish to enter. One of the easiest ways into a career as a security consultant is to first receive a four-year degree then gain certification in various areas of security work. You should get professional experience in security as well. There are also specific areas in which you can become a security consultant, such as information technology (IT).

To become a security consultant, you typically need either extensive professional experience or a balance of education and security work. A security consultant is typically someone who works with, or for, a company providing knowledge and support in various aspects of security for that business. One of the best ways to start working to become a security consultant is to receive a bachelor’s degree. While no specific degree is required, you should consider a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement; a minor in communications or business can be helpful as well.


Once you have your degree, you should consider various certifications in security and related areas to help you become a security consultant. You should look for a certification company that is recognized within the industry. This is important since there are some unscrupulous companies that offer certification not recognized by other security professionals. Most legitimate certification programs require that you have a bachelor’s degree with some professional experience, or extensive professional experience. This is why it may be easiest for you to receive certification if you gain some experience working in security while you are earning a degree.

You should then look for a security company or private business that is looking to hire a security consultant. A security consultant is typically an upper level position, so you should look for companies seeking non-entry level positions. You might also look for a business that needs entry-level security professionals though, and work to advance within the company. If you have a felony conviction on your record, you may find it impossible to become a security consultant, as many felonies can preclude you from working in security and with firearms in general.

There are some specific fields in which you can become a security consultant. Many companies hire an IT security consultant, for example, to assist with computer and data security. A degree in computer science or IT can help you become an IT security consultant, and you should look for IT certification rather than firearm or bodyguard training.


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