How Do I Become a Sandwich Artist?

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If you would like to become a sandwich artist, you likely will need to hire into a sandwich shop and attend a training course. Understanding the proper formula for constructing a sandwich is critical. Every sandwich on the menu is created using a different combination of ingredients, but after you become a sandwich artist, you will have the skill to exactly replicate any sandwich type that you are asked to create.

To become a sandwich artist, you will be required to identify many types of meat, vegetables and breads quickly. Understanding the different flavor combinations and recognizing when a product has spoiled or gone bad are key components in your training to become a sandwich artist. In many areas, you will be required to take and pass a food service worker qualification exam, which tests your basic knowledge and understanding of certain food service rules pertaining mainly to the proper temperatures of fresh, cooked and stored foods. This testing is often mandatory to help food service workers avoid spreading salmonella or food poisoning to customers.


Simply making sandwiches is not all that is required from you after you become a sandwich artist. You will be required to adhere to particular formulas as you create the sandwiches. Memorizing the proper ingredients and formulas for each sandwich is the key to success when you become a sandwich artist. You will need to understand the importance of freshness and cleanliness if you are to become a successful sandwich artist. Occasionally, you might find yourself being tested and asked to create a sandwich that is not a popular menu item to validate your sandwich-making abilities.

There will be times when you will be required to slice vegetables, meat and cheese to supply the sandwich station. Cleaning and sanitizing the work station will also be your responsibility from time to time as a sandwich artist. Making bread, restocking soda cups and ice bins also are common duties of a sandwich artist. Other tasks you will often need to master as you enter the sandwich-making service include changing the soda machine canisters, cleaning the cooler and manning a cash register. Above all else, your customer service skills and communication skills will need to be honed to allow you to comfortably interact with the customers who come into your store to purchase your sandwiches.


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