How Do I Become a Sample Machinist?

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Sample machinists are professionals who work on design teams at companies that make clothes. Their goal is to create samples of garments that a designer wishes to put on the market. An aspiring sample machinist should have solid sewing skills, be creative, and follow directions well. A person who desires to become a sample machinist can take higher education classes and get practical entry-level training before assuming a role in this industry.

An individual who wishes to become a sample machinist should complete college-level classes in pattern cutting, machine embroidery, or textile machining. These types of classes are available through trade associations and teach you topics such as the history of the textile industry, industry tools, and trade materials that you will use on a sample machinist job. Sample machinist training classes typically lead to a certificate, and, although not mandatory for being hired in the field, post-secondary training does make you more attractive to potential employers.


Getting hands-on clothes-making experience is valuable for people who wish to enter the machinist industry for textiles. You should search for a textiles company or garment manufacturer with which to become an intern or even an apprentice if you want to become a sample machinist. While working on a design team, you must gain practical training with creating a garment according to a designer’s standards for colors and materials, and then stitch garment sample sections together as well as press them to make the piece look fresh. For this reason, you need to understand how to work with products such as leather and cotton appropriately when creating sample garments such as sports clothing or formal gowns.

Honing your leadership skills also is critical in order to become a professional who produces garment samples. For instance, a sample machinist is responsible for guiding a design team on how to best produce a garment and make changes to how it is put together before being mass-produced. Learning how to perform quality control inspections during the production process also is necessary if you desire to become a sample machinist. You must not be afraid of voicing your expert opinion about problems in a potential garment and should have solid communication and interpersonal skills to do so.

A person who wishes to become a clothes sample creator needs to consult his or her training program and internship site for possible job opportunities. Your training institution’s career services department can give you the names of companies who are looking for someone who wants to become a sample machinist. In addition, you should network with people at your internship or apprenticeship site to see if they know of local companies who are hiring.


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