How Do I Become a Sales Recruiter?

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A college degree, experience in sales and a large network of personal and professional contacts are normally required to become a sales recruiter. Many companies prefer a degree in human resources, though many other degrees — such as those in business or finance — are also acceptable for those wanting to become a sales recruiter. Experience in sales is usually preferred, because sales recruiting is often seen as a form of sales. In addition, sales recruiters rely heavily on personal and professional contacts to perform their job, so companies look for those who are outgoing and active in the community.

One must be proficient with technology to become a sales recruiter. Sales recruiters track prospects using various software programs, many of which are written specifically to aid the recruiting process and may be proprietary to the hiring company. The programs help sales recruiters keep track of hundreds or thousands of prospects and whether the prospects are good candidates or might be at some point in the future. Sales recruiters must also be proficient with messaging systems, email and mobile office applications, because they are often on the road or at recruiting functions.


To become a sales recruiter, one must be detail-oriented. Companies require sales recruiters to keep excellent notes about candidates, including such details as their current situation, their background and training, and when or if they might be open to joining the company. Sales recruiters are also often charged with guiding a candidate through the hiring process and, as such, they must keep careful track of where a candidate is in that process and what other steps are required to complete the hire.

Excellent interpersonal skills and an outgoing personality are essential if one wants to become a sales recruiter. Companies look for people who are very active in their community in both personal and professional channels. Sales recruiters find many of their candidates through their contacts, and companies expect sales recruiters to be excellent networkers who are able to generate prospects on their own.

Sales recruiters also source many candidates through functions such as job fairs, college recruiting days and career days. As such, one must be comfortable speaking and making presentations to large groups if he wants to become a sales recruiter. Sales recruiters are often very public figures, so their companies also expect them to project a professional appearance and attitude both inside and outside working hours.

Understanding compensation and benefits is also very important for a sales recruiter. One of the main job responsibilities of a sales recruiter is to be able to clearly explain the company’s compensation structure to potential salespeople. Many sales compensation models have variable components, such as bonuses and tiered commission structures, so the sales recruiter must be able to effectively demonstrate to candidates how they will earn their money.


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