How do I Become a Sales Analyst?

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Anyone wishing to become a sales analyst should have a passion for business and business-related matters. The job is very demanding, often requiring a great deal of computational and analytical skills. Taking courses in college that deal with business, accounting and finance is just one of the strategies that should help when it comes time to find a job in the field. Further, getting internships is another big advantage.

Those looking into the business field should start in high school taking as many business and math courses as possible. Though some may not directly relate to the skills that are needed to become a sales analyst, many will. These include computational skills, as well as some training in statistics and probabilities. When getting into higher mathematics and accounting courses in college, this background will become very helpful.

Often, a student desiring to become a sales analyst will choose a business school with a good reputation. This can go a long way in helping to land a good sales analyst job. Though any degree from a regionally-accredited university or college will help, choosing one known for business may provide an additional edge during the competitive interview process. Further, hiring managers may have good experiences with graduates of certain schools, predisposing them to select candidates with similar backgrounds.


The most common degree choice for a student looking to become a sales analyst is that of business or business management. Some may also choose marketing or accounting. The choice of degree not only qualifies the student to seek sales analyst jobs, but also jobs in other aspects of business including administration and accounting. Thus, for those who find they are having trouble landing one type of job, they may be able to shift into another capacity, and then transfer back later on.

As with any type of program or career, making good contacts along the way is very advantageous. This is why an individual wanting to become a sales analyst needs to consider internships. As soon as that person is qualified for such internships, they should be taken. Some may be available during the school year, and others may only be offered during the summer. Taking as many different internships as possible not only provides a broad background of experiences, but contacts as well.

The time to begin looking for jobs in the field is before graduation. As a student is entering his or her last semester, updating a resume and sending it out is very important to making a smooth transition. The only way to become a sales analyst is to find that first job. Even if it is not the job the student truly wants, it will provide additional opportunities, and income while waiting for a better opportunity.


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