How do I Become a Risk Management Specialist?

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A fairly broad range of degree specializations can qualify you to become a risk management specialist. For the majority of positions, you will need to have a bachelor's degree, but your major can be in engineering, risk management, or some type of health discipline. Some employers, however, are willing to hire candidates who have several years of relevant work experience in lieu of having particular educational credentials. In addition, some risk management positions require applicants to have an advanced degree, such as a master's in math or engineering.

In order to be considered a strong candidate for these types of jobs, you will probably need to have at least one professional certification that relates to the job. For example, you might obtain certifications in Associate Risk Management, or as a Certified Safety Professional or Certified Industrial Hygienist, if you want to become a risk management specialist. Other certifications within the insurance or safety fields may also qualify you to obtain one of these jobs.


Candidates for risk management jobs should have an exceptional ability to assess risk. If you want to become a risk management specialist, you should also be capable of making decisions quickly. Though you will not always have to function in pressurized situations, you will need to have the ability to think on your feet and make fast decisions when the situation calls for it. If you work well under pressure and thrive on tight deadlines, this line of work could be ideal for you.

To be successful in this job, you will need to be able to communicate effectively with a variety of different people. As a general rule, you should have excellent verbal and written communication skills if you want to become a risk management specialist. Sometimes you will have to convey your thoughts in writing, and in some cases you will be required to make formal presentations to small and large groups of people.

If you want to have the best chance of succeeding in this field, you will more than likely need to be able to function working independently. For the most part, people who hold these positions act as supervisors, and therefore do not have someone watching over them all day. To become a risk management specialist, you may need to have the ability to travel extensively in order to complete assignments. Such assignments might include evaluating training activities, investigating accidents, or inspecting work sites to ensure that safety guidelines are being followed properly.


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