How do I Become a Relationship Coach?

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If you want to become a relationship coach, you don't necessarily need formal education, but you should be an expert in dating or another area. If your own dating or love life is a mess that you can't handle, then becoming a relationship coach isn't a good idea until you can solve your problems. Learning from past relationships and being able to give good advice to others is a good way to start to become a relationship coach.

The key to any type of coaching is to not only be wise on the subject from your own experience and apply what you've learned to your clients' situations, but also to encourage the unique qualities as well as goals of each person. The main reason to become a relationship coach should be to use your gifts for inspiring and motivating others to help them bring out their own abilities to solve problems. As you grow as a coach in one area such as dating, you may want to expand into becoming a marriage or family coach.


Whereas a dating coach usually focuses on helping a person overcome shyness to meet new people or giving advice on how to find a compatible mate, marriage and family coaches concentrate on the dynamics of long-term relationships. While coaches usually don't require degrees, as do counselors and psychotherapists, taking relationship coach training can give you relevant credentials in your field. A combination of learning from personal experience and observing others as well as taking professional training can help you become a relationship coach by allowing you to promote your extensive qualifications.

You could begin or write for an online magazine with a relationship advice column. With some experience there, you may be able to get a column in your local newspaper. Have a professional website as well as business cards ready to hand out if you want to become a relationship coach. You'll need to create some publicity, such as appearing on local news broadcasts in a short segment. Online social networking sites are a great place for you to promote your relationship problem-solving skills to prospective clients.

When you have created a following and have had some paying clients, writing a book may be the next step in your ongoing goal to become a relationship coach. Whether you have an office in which to see clients, or you go to their homes, focus on teaching them how to solve problems rather than placing blame on others in their relationships. As you continue to work in the coaching field, as well as promote your services and publish books, you should become well known for your advice.


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