How Do I Become a Rehabilitation Technician?

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In order to become a rehabilitation technician, you will typically need to be a high school graduate, or have completed an equivalent program. You may also need to have some type of volunteer or job experience since each employer has its own unique requirements, so you may want to look into potential opportunities if you are still in school. It is also possible to obtain a rehabilitation certificate from a vocational school or community college, which can help you get started in this type of career, and may open doors for further advancement as well. You will typically also need to have well developed interpersonal skills, and be good at data entry and other computer related tasks.

Rehabilitation technicians typically work with people who are recovering from illnesses or injuries. The specific range of duties can vary from one situation to another, though these technicians typically assist professional physical therapists. Some technicians work directly with patients in the rehabilitation process, while others deal more with paperwork. If you choose to become this type of technician, you may be required to answer phones, interact with new and returning patients, and input files into a computer. You may also perform basic rehabilitation work, such as helping to steady patients while they go through various exercises.


The requirements to become a rehabilitation technician can differ from one job to another, though you will typically need a high school education and some amount of related work experience. This type of experience can be obtained by volunteering at a hospital or clinic while you are still in school, or you can try to obtain a low level job in one of those same settings. You will typically receive on-the-job-training after you become a rehabilitation technician, so a minimal amount of experience in a similar work situation will often be enough to get you a job.

Some vocational schools and community colleges also offer rehabilitation technician certificates, so that is another option if you are interested in this type of career. Earning one of these certificates is typically not a requirement to become a rehabilitation technician, but it can help you stand out when applying for jobs. Possessing this type of education may also help you after you become a rehabilitation technician, since you will already know how to carry out your duties and what is expected of you. Certificates can sometimes also be helpful, or even necessary, when seeking any type of future advancement in your career.


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