How Do I Become a Real Estate Recruiter?

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Someone wishing to become a real estate recruiter must first gain some experience working in the Human Resources (HR) field. Additionally, many real estate companies prefer to hire recruiters who have prior experience of working as real estate agents or brokers. In some instances, recruiting jobs are reserved for individuals who have college degrees although some firms also employ entry-level recruiters.

Many large real estate companies employ a team of HR professionals, some of whom are responsible for recruitment. Typically, these firms hire people who have experience in negotiating employee wages, handling personnel issues and promoting job vacancies. Therefore, someone wishing to become a real estate recruiter should first gain experience working for a staffing agency since these firms often employ entry-level workers. Additionally, staffing agency employees are focused specifically on recruitment rather than handling interpersonal issues and disciplinary matters. Consequently, staffing agencies provide a good training environment for people who plan to work as industry recruiters.


Real estate agents are responsible for brokering transactions involving both residential and commercial real estate. Consequently, agents must possess both sales skills and a knowledge of local real estate laws. Many real estate agencies require applicants for recruiting positions to have previously worked as agents or brokers to ensure that the recruiters fully understand the nature of the positions they are attempting to fill. Additionally, since real estate laws vary between regions, many companies require recruiters to have some knowledge of working in the local real estate industry.

Some universities offer undergraduate degree programs in human resources management and related topics. An individual wishing to become a real estate recruiter may need to complete such a degree program. Recruitment managers often need to possess advanced degrees in personnel management, business administration or a related field. Aside from university level programs some community colleges offer vocational courses in HR recruiting and personnel management. Firms that do not require recruiters to have completed college often advise prospective recruiters to attend one of these vocational courses.

Other qualifications that may enable someone wishing to become a real estate recruiter to land a job can include a law degree and a background in payroll or accounting. Individuals with law degrees are often sought out for recruiting positions because sales agents typically work on a contractual rather than a salaried basis. To prevent legal complications further down the line, many employers prefer to hire recruiters who have knowledge of contract law. Additionally, people with prior payroll or accounting experience can more easily negotiate and explain compensation packages with prospective employees. While legal and accounting credentials are not usually job prerequisites these types of qualifications may enable someone to more easily land a recruiting job.


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