How do I Become a Radio Announcer?

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A radio announcer may perform a wide range of tasks for a radio station, including announcing programs, reading commercials, and interviewing guests. A person who wants to become a radio personality may find the requirements for landing this job vary from employer to employer. Many employers, however, expect job candidates to have high school diplomas or an equivalent credential. While post-high-school education isn’t usually required, a person may improve his chances of getting hired for this job by earning a college degree in a related field or completing an internship with a radio station.

A radio announcer's job duties typically involve lending his voice and personality to radio broadcasts. A person in this position may announce the station’s radio programs and songs, provide news reports, and read commercials. Sometimes a person in this field interviews the radio station’s guests, makes announcements related to contests, and even makes public appearances on behalf of the station. In some cases, a popular radio announcer may even host his own radio show.


An individual who wants to become a radio announcer may do so without earning a college degree, but some people choose to seek degrees anyway. A person may earn a degree in journalism or communications in preparation for this job. In some cases, earning a degree gives an individual an advantage over job candidates with high school diplomas. Additionally, a person who wants to be a radio announcer may make himself a more attractive candidate by gaining some experience before applying for a job. For example, working for his college’s radio station may prove advantageous.

Often, a person who wants to become a radio announcer starts out by completing a radio station internship. Such an internship may allow an aspiring announcer to learn a good deal about the industry and may provide many networking opportunities. It is unlikely that an internship will provide a lot of airtime, but an aspiring announcer may have the opportunity to act as a substitute announcer from time to time.

An individual who wants to become a radio announcer may need an audition tape when applying for jobs. Since he may not have a lot of previous experience, he may use a tape from his time at his college’s radio station or from an internship. Alternatively, a person interested in this position may create an audition tape using a script he writes for a fictitious radio commercial, or he may obtain permission to use an existing script.

While an individual who wants to become a radio announcer may want to work for a large, popular radio station, he may do well to apply with smaller radio stations first. These stations may be more willing to give an untried announcer a chance. The aspiring radio announcer can use the experience he gains with a smaller station to show employers that he has the presence and personality to do well with a larger audience.


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