How Do I Become a Quartermaster General?

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An individual who wants to become a quartermaster general needs to be prepared for the demands and rewards which come with a career in the military. To obtain this rank, a person must have several years of experience in the U.S. Armed Services. The first step on the road to a promotion to the rank of Quartermaster General after enlisting is to attend the U.S. Army Quartermaster School, which is located at Fort Lee, Virginia. Completing a number of training programs and gaining practical experience in the field are required to get the top job in this division.

The Quartermaster General is the senior officer in charge of the Armed Forces’ supplies. The Quartermaster Corps looks after acquiring, storing and distributing equipment, construction materials, water, food and other items used by military personnel while on U.S. military bases and while deployed overseas. The Quartermaster General is also ultimately responsible for logistics of transporting the supplies to areas where they are needed and ensuring that the necessary supplies are available to Armed Forces units.

Before seeing an Armed Forces recruiter, a person who knows that he or she wants to become a quartermaster general may want to start the process by completing the courses required to complete a university degree in public administration. This type of program focuses on helping students develop their communication skills and organizational abilities, which will be used to advantage in the Quartermaster Corps.


After enlisting in the U.S. military, the next step on the road to becoming a quartermaster general is to attend the Quartermaster School. It offers a number of training courses for military personnel who will be or are working in this division. Some examples of its programs include training for parachute riggers and personnel in charge of providing laundry and shower facilities in the field. The school also provides mortuary services and logistics training for storing and distributing small arms. Petroleum supply and water treatment procedures instruction is also offered by the school.

The future quartermaster general will be assigned to work with a unit in a specific capacity. Over time, soldiers who have distinguished themselves in their duties will advance through the ranks. To be considered for the types of promotions which will help a soldier eventually become a quartermaster general, the soldier will need to get experience in a number of work environments. Taking advanced training courses in different areas of study will also help a person qualify for a job at this level.


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