How Do I Become a Public Relations Coordinator?

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Public relations coordinators are individuals who oversee their companies’ campaigns to maintain positive images in the eyes of the public. These professionals must have solid verbal and written communication skills and be willing to work irregular hours, including evenings or weekends. A person who plans to become a public relations coordinator needs to complete four years of post-secondary education as well as complete hands-on experience in a real-world situation.

If you want to become a public relations coordinator, you have to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program in journalism, communications, or public relations. Being admitted into this type of training program involves filling out a potential school’s enrollment form and providing a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification. You additionally need to be prepared to submit your standardized test scores and a list of your completed high school classes to the institution’s admissions staff.

Media courses provide a helpful foundation for someone who desires to work in this industry. During your training program, you need to take a class on news reporting and editing. This will help you to draft press releases to distribute to newspapers or television news stations that effectively capture their attention and promote your company to the public. You should plan to combine these classes with courses that cover the particular industry in which you are interested in working when you become a public relations coordinator, such as healthcare or engineering.


Gaining technology experience while in class is also critical in this career area. You need to take courses on how to use computer design software to create newsletters and other promotional materials for your company. In addition, a class on the benefits and function of social media at an organization will prepare you to use interactive websites to encourage Internet users to visit your company’s site and support the business’ activities. Classes also teach you how to create audio and video productions that showcase events and initiatives that you want the public to know about as you strive to become a public relations coordinator.

Most undergraduate training programs require students to complete an internship before they graduate as well. These opportunities are available at non-profit associations or profit companies in various industries, such as higher education or the medical field. You need to practice keeping your organization’s website content up-to-date as well as creating company brochures and pamphlets. Acquiring experience with maintaining a database of important events in which the business is involved or significant industry awards the establishment receives also will make you attractive to future employers as you seek to become a public relations coordinator.


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