How do I Become a Psychometrician?

Jill Gonzalez

To become a psychometrician in the United States, you need to have at least a master's degree in educational measurement, psychology, statistics, or psychometrics. In some situations, you might also be considered a good candidate if you have a master's degree in a closely related discipline. Some employers stipulate a preference for applicants who have a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree. Depending on specific job requirements, you might also be able to use a unique combination of education and experience in order to qualify for a position.


You should be quite proficient with a wide variety of database software systems to qualify for this type of position. You should also know how to run programs using these different systems, and it is usually considered helpful if you can also troubleshoot some common problems that arise with their regular use. You may also need to be proficient with word processing and spreadsheet software. These programs are typically used extensively in these jobs. Due to the nature of the work that is performed, you may also need to have some familiarity with statistical software systems, if you want to become a psychometrician.

The majority of jobs usually require candidates to have a minimum of four to five years of relevant work experience. Some employers allow work that was completed during a college internship to substitute for an actual previous job. In addition, if you are able to work in a part-time capacity in a relevant job while you are in school, it might also qualify toward an employer's experience requirement. If you want to become a psychometrician, you should start looking for internship opportunities very early in your college career.

This particular career field generally requires candidates to conduct a significant amount of research on a regular basis. Therefore, in order to excel in this type of job, you may need to have verifiable research skills. This can usually be accomplished through work that was done during your time in school.

In order to become a psychometrician, you should also have exceptional organization skills. You may be required to maintain a large volume of information, and keep it organized so that other employees can access data when they need it. In this kind of position, you might also be expected to have excellent communication skills, as it will be very important for you to be able to talk to your colleagues on a regular basis. You may also be responsible for creating reports, leading meetings, and speaking at regional events attended by your peers.

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