How Do I Become a Patient Care Manager?

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There are several steps an individual must take to become a patient care manager, and employers will define those steps differently. Some job postings describe patient care managers as registered nurses who manage a nursing staff and the care plans of patients. Managers usually possess certain personal traits such as compassion, understanding, the ability to listen and communicate, which assists them in performing job duties on a daily basis. These individuals develop a specialized skill set beginning with a general education, moving on to a certification program, and further develop skills with on the job training and management. Once properly trained, the manager may find employment in a variety of facilities offering medical care including long-term care facilities and hospitals.

Individuals must meet certain educational and training requirements to become a patient care manager. Most employers require managers to have a high-school diploma or a General Educational Development Certificate (GED) for consideration into a patient certification program. In addition, employers will want candidates for these positions to complete a certification program which varies but is usually a bachelor’s degree in a health related field. Most regional and state programs consist of a set number of supervised clinical hours in addition to the time spent in the classroom. Students take a test at the end of the program to receive a certificate, or license, enabling them to work in the field and gain management experience.


During the course of the certification, the student will learn a specific skill set assisting them to become a patient care manager. Managers must possess all of the skills of a nurse along with superior management skills. They must know how to run an effective medical facility and manage the staff as well as patient care. Good communication, listening, and interpersonal skills are essential to this career since it requires a high amount of interaction with other people.

The final step to become a patient care manager is finding an employment situation which is beneficial to the employee, employer, and the patients. Candidates for this position have a certain amount of experience either in management or in patient care which is listed in the job posting. Recommendations are useful for individuals who are just beginning a career as a manager and have very little job experience in that particular position. A well written resume highlighting any significant job-related achievements is another helpful tool in securing any job.


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