How Do I Become a Natural Therapist?

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A person looking to become a natural therapist will need to have a bachelor's degree in health sciences or have extensive experience as a health care worker. A natural therapist is responsible for providing patients with medical treatments revolving around natural techniques and remedies. Natural therapists generally work in a variety of fields, including massage therapy, kinesiology, and aromatherapy.

In addition to completing formal education, individuals looking to become a natural therapist may also benefit from acquiring additional certifications. Many natural therapy institutes offer certifications in areas such as naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, remedial massage and shiatsu — just to name a few. A natural therapist should also be well versed in the areas of anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and holistic health care.

Although the natural health industry is vast, there are generally three major forms of alternative medicine. Naturopathy focuses on the belief that the body is designed to heal itself and encourages a holistic approach to health care. Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine dating as far back as 200 B.C, in which the insertion of needles in the body is said to prevent disease and relieve pain. Shiatsu is also another popular type of alternative medicine which consists of using a variety of massage techniques in order to help patients relieve issues pertaining to stress, depression, and muscle pain.


Some states in the U.S. require that individuals looking to become a natural therapist be licensed within the state in order to provide specific services, such as acupuncture. Upon completing all educational and licensing requirements, those looking to become a natural therapist will need to have great interpersonal skills as they will be interacting directly with patients in need of medial assistance. After obtaining real world experience, many natural therapists choose to start their own practices, which will require good business and management skills, in addition to their natural therapist skills.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a natural therapist with a bachelor’s degree makes an average yearly salary of $40,000 US Dollars (USD). The annual income can vary depending upon the specialties of the therapist, as well as where he or she is located. In the United States, states such as Washington and Vermont these therapists tend to make more than the national average. Overall, there will always be a demand for natural remedies and, therefore, individuals looking to become a natural therapist will surely be in demand.


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