How do I Become a Music Producer?

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If a person seeks to become a music producer, the first thing to remember is that very few in this profession reach the fame and glory stage. The job may sound glamorous, and you may be surrounded by some very talented people. However, these aspects of the business do not automatically translate into major record deals, world tours, or high income.

In fact, the reality is usually just the opposite. The music industry is a tight-knit community, heavily controlled by well-funded firms with major connections and international media contacts. A demo CD or individual artist will not be judged so much upon their abilities or raw talent as they are upon their marketability on a mass scale. This is not to say you cannot make a living as a music producer. It is to say that you should keep a firm grasp on reasonable expectations.

Such being the case, there are a few, basic qualifications one should possess if he or she wishes to become a music producer. You need not be a musician, but you should have an appreciation for trends in the music business. If you are a technical wizard in the engineering department, you are one step ahead of the competition. If you do not have this knowledge, then your business should have the wherewithal to hire those who do.


Mostly, what you need are contacts, or the ability to establish contacts. A large percentage of a music producer’s failure or success depends upon his ability to make calls, knock or doors, and promote endlessly. Being granted a meeting with a major production company is the goal, at which time you must use every ounce of persuasive charm at your disposal to sell the artist you are producing.

There are certain steps that can help if you wish to become a music producer. Perhaps the best, is to spend time working with another producer, even if this work is performed for free. Learn the ins and outs of the business, what to do and what to avoid. Acquire a working knowledge of equipment, and seek to find your niche.

When you are ready to strike out on your own, it is best that you set up a professional studio. It is true that recording software is cheap and plentiful, but in this business appearances are as important as product. The producer with a well-equipped studio will always stand out above the guy who has a few computers, microphones, and off-the-shelf software.

To become a music producer, seek out artists that are technically proficient and who have established a loyal following. The producers with the best results are not those who work with bands or individuals who are mimicking what is popular now. The most successful are those who have the insight, or make a very good guess, at what people will wish to hear a year from now.


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