How do I Become a Music Booking Agent?

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Becoming a music booking agent generally requires a good deal of self-motivation and charisma. An individual who wants to become a booking agent won’t need a college degree or even a high school diploma. He won’t even need training to get started in this career. He will need good communication and business skills, however, as well as the ability to convince bands to give him a try. Good taste in music can also help a person hoping to succeed in this career, as he’ll need to choose the best musical acts possible.

Learning about the music industry may prove helpful for a person who wants to become a music booking agent. A person interested in this career may do well to learn the details of what his job will entail. For example, a music booking agent typically spends a significant amount of time contacting both promoters and venue managers and asking them to book performance dates for his bands. He may also negotiate contracts with promoters and venues. Reading about the music industry or even securing an internship with a promoter, venue, or music label may help prepare an aspiring agent for this job.


A person who wants to become a music booking agent will usually need to acquire some business skills before contracting with bands and other musical clients. Taking a business course may help him learn the ins and outs of running his own business, but this is not required. A person may use books and websites to learn about drafting contracts. He may also find it helpful to consult with a lawyer to learn the types of clauses he should include in his contracts. Books and videos that provide negotiation tips and tricks may also prove helpful for a person in this field.

One of the hardest parts of becoming a music booking agent may be getting the first contract with a band or musical act. Without a reputation to recommend him, a person who wants to become a music booking agent may have to do a significant amount of convincing to get a band to sign on with him. Often, an aspiring booking agent may start by convincing friends or family members who are in bands to let him book local gigs for them. Starting in this manner, a person can build up contacts and experience, eventually expanding to help other bands and book shows with other venues.

If a person wants to become a music booking agent, but doesn’t know anyone in a band, he may advertise his services on bulletin boards at music schools and stores. He may also approach bands at local events and offer to help them get more gigs. Some new booking agents may contact groups through their websites, explaining how they can help them to secure more gigs and better exposure.


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