How Do I Become a Mobile Dentist?

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A doctoral degree from a dental school (DDS), as well as mobile dentistry equipment, is needed to become a mobile dentist. To be accepted into dental school, which is competitive, you need a certain amount of science prerequisites and a four-year undergraduate degree. Licensure is required in many places to practice dentistry, as well as the desire to travel daily to help people in need of dental care. Experience in mobile dentistry is not always necessary, and jobs can be found in many organizations that provide this service.

Mobile dentists perform many of the same dentistry functions that take place in a dental office, but offer them in a way that takes the office to the patients. This is done through mobile dentistry clinics that are located in large vans or trucks. If you enjoy traveling from place to place to help dental patients that cannot travel, for financial or health reasons, you can consider the steps it takes to become a mobile dentist.


Obtaining a four-year undergraduate degree in pre-dentistry or the sciences is necessary to become a mobile dentist. It can be difficult to be accepted into dental school, so a high grade point average (GPA) can help your chances. Dental school generally takes four years to complete and provides you with the tools you need to take the dental examination and become a mobile dentist who is certified or licensed. Licensure requirements vary depending on where you live, so it is beneficial to check with your government's local health department to find out more information.

It is possible to find a job as a mobile dentist at many dental clinics that offer this service. Certain government offices also offer mobile dentistry as a service to individuals who cannot make it to a dental clinic but need care. You can apply for jobs with existing companies looking for help, or consider going into business for yourself. This requires special licensure, depending on where you live, and a lot of expensive equipment to get started.

You do not have to have experience in dentistry to become a mobile dentist, but it can help you get hired for a position. Certain organizations are willing to hire an individual directly out of dental school, while others prefer someone with more experience. Consider working in the field for one to two years before applying to jobs that prefer an experienced dentist for their mobile operations.


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