How Do I Become a Mobile Beauty Therapist?

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To become a mobile beauty therapist, you will first need to hold a license in whatever personal appearance modality you wish to practice. In addition, you will need to find out whether any laws, regulations, or local ordinances prohibit offering beauty services in a private home. You may then have the option of affiliating with a brick-and-mortar salon that offers in-home services, or you can begin your own business providing beauty therapy in people's homes. If you decide to become a mobile beauty therapist and work independently, you will typically have to invest in equipment necessary to perform the cosmetic services that you plan to offer. Other necessities include owning a reliable vehicle and the ability to develop and execute a marketing plan.

Before you become a mobile beauty therapist, you will need need to obtain a license to practice in one or more personal appearance professions. The types of licenses that you can earn in order to provide beauty therapy are established by the jurisdiction in which you live. In the United States, you can typically become a cosmetologist, which allows you to perform a full range of beauty services, including hair cutting and styling; an aesthetician, specializing in skin care and body hair removal; or a nail technologist, allowing you to perform manicures or pedicures. Licensing systems can vary considerably, so you will need to research the laws in your area to find out how to earn a license.


It is always a good idea to review the laws in the area or areas where you will be practicing to make sure that it is legal to offer beauty services in people's homes. You may also need to purchase liability insurance for your business in case a beauty procedure goes wrong and a client is injured. If you are unclear about any of these issues, you may wish to speak to a local attorney who can assist you in understanding the law as well as an insurance agent who can help you select appropriate insurance coverage.

Once you have your license, you can try to find a job working for a salon that allows its employees to perform house calls. If you work for a salon, the salon will typically take a commission from your earnings after booking you for in-home appointments. Another option is to build your own practice in which you will not have the support of a salon but in which you will be able to set your own fees and policies. While the path to become a mobile beauty therapist on your own may be more costly at the beginning, as you will have to purchase your own equipment and find ways of marketing and advertising your services, it may prove to be a more profitable option over time.


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