How do I Become a Military Engineer?

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A military engineer’s job involves designing and creating weaponry while also knowing how to disable the machines, bridges, minefields, and other assets possessed by the enemy as well as engaging in combat situations if necessary. To become a military engineer, it is important to spend at least four years in an educational institution studying an accredited engineering program. The first two years involve learning engineering basics with the last two years focusing on specialty topics. A final exam will follow after which it is necessary to complete at least four more years of work experience. The professional engineering exam is the last obstacle before joining the armed forces.

Those looking to become a military engineer need to realize that there will be occasions when it is necessary to destroy something they created. It is a dangerous job with military engineers sometimes asked to get involved in battlefield operations. Part of an engineer’s expertise includes the ability to counter the enemy’s plans by taking apart bridges and weapons. To become a military engineer, it is also important to have leadership skills and be comfortable working in a group.

One of the first steps involves an accredited engineering program. An absolute minimum requirement for all military engineers is a bachelor's degree in engineering. It is desirable to have a master’s degree, however, because this affords more opportunities. Those looking to become a military engineer after joining the armed forces can study an engineering course in a military college.


The initial two years of any bachelor's degree in engineering will involve learning the basics. There will be courses in social science and mathematics as well as engineering fundamentals. The final year of the bachelor's degree sees the student engage in specialty topics which continue during a master's degree program. Most educational institutions offer successful undergraduate students the chance to study at a graduate level.

To become a military engineer, it is necessary to complete at least four years of college and pass an exam on the fundamentals of engineering. Once this exam is completed, it is often suggested to pursue an internship or study more advanced tenets of engineering. It takes at least four years experience working in an engineering company before being considered as a military engineer.

An internship affords the opportunity to develop skills such as solving technical problems with science and mathematical principles. One key element to becoming a military engineer is to learn how to work as part of a team. This provides the requisite creative and analytical skills while improving interpersonal communication.

The last step for anyone looking to become a military engineer is to complete the professional engineering exam or the equivalent. Once this is accomplished, it is then possible to join the armed forces as part of the engineering crew. This team is responsible for creating new weaponry while figuring out methods for disarming the enemy.


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