How do I Become a Master Barber?

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There are four requirements to become a master barber: complete an apprenticeship, obtain your license, build your clientèle, and expand your skill sets. All the items are required to become a master barber. A barber is a professional hair cutter. Although it is not always the case, a barber is typically focused on men's hair. A master barber has a combination of education, experience, and skill as a barber.

Everyone wishing to become a master barber must first complete an apprenticeship. This is usually incorporated into barber school programs, which are a combination of classroom and practical experience, usually ranging between nine months and two years in length The apprenticeship portion must meet a specific number of hours and skills under the supervision of a licensed barber.

Although the barber school can help you to find an established barbershop, it is always a good idea to investigate the shop independently. Check to see if the store is clean, all the lights and fixtures work, the shop is busy, and everyone is greeted at the door. Arrange your apprenticeship under the owner or master barber. Keep track of your hours and have the paperwork completed as you progress.


All states have a license requirement and examination for barbers. Find out what the requirements are and make sure that you have all the hours and information necessary to obtain a license. The examination is typically one to two hours in length and can be a combination of practical and multiple-choice questions.

Once you have obtained your license, you can start to build your practice. Get a position in a barbershop by renting a chair. Under this arrangement, there is usually a fixed payment weekly for the chair rental. Any earnings above this fee are yours. Build your client base by providing consistent, quality service.

To become a master barber, build your experience with a wide range of hair types. Many barbers enter competitions to keep their skills sharp and to increase their profile. Take courses and attend seminars to learn the latest tricks and techniques to meet changing needs.

Offering these additional services to your clients shows a dedication to your craft and the service that you are providing. Invest in top quality tools and make sure everything is clean and well cared for. After five to ten years of experience, register with the local barber school to accept apprentices.


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In the past, barbers also acted as dentists to the community. This is where the iconic red and white barber shop sign originated. Barbers would hang their soiled white towels outside to dry them, and often these towels would be covered in blood due to the dentistry work.

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