How do I Become a Market Research Manager?

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If you have a strong interest in marketing and performing research, then you may be considering a career as a market research manager. Market research managers engage in quantitative research, conduct marketing research, analyze data from market reports, direct and coordinate the marketing efforts of organizations in order to stay on top of market trends and encourage continual organizational growth initiatives. In order to become a market research manager, you will need specific skills, personality traits, training and education to pursue this very lucrative career.

When deciding if you want to become a market research manager, it’s important to carefully evaluate the skills, qualities and personality traits that you currently possess and how you will use your talents in this demanding role. Research managers have leadership skills, are quick to adapt to changing scenarios, and have a strong desire to learn what makes the marketing world tick by studying consumer spending behaviors and coming up with new and better ideas. In addition, research marketing managers are very creative people, but also have an analytical nature which enables them to see the entire picture.


Another aspect of becoming a market research manager is to have the proper education to do the job well. The best course of action to become a market research manager is to obtain a solid business and marketing education with a regionally accredited business school. Most market research managers have earned at least a four-year college degree and have five to seven years of experience working in marketing and research roles before taking on the duties of management.

Training for those who wish to become a market research manager involves working within various levels of the marketing world. This can be as simple as working with other marketing professionals to actually obtaining a mentor within market research to guide you as you become more familiar with marketing trends, market reports, qualitative marketing research and consumer behavior’s role in driving the economy.

In order to become a market research manager, you must have the ability to actively stay on top of trends within your particular industry or vocation. That means continual learning and training to stay ahead of the changes within the consumer market, such as methods of market message delivery, online consumer spending habits and marketing policies. It’s important to be a lifelong learner as a marketing research professional in order to be successful in this challenging career.


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There are lots of great training places for market research. Check out the Burke Institute, Research Rockstar, and the Marketing Research Association.

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