How Do I Become a Maintenance Planner?

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In order to become a maintenance planner, you will need to complete at least a high school education, but to be competitive in this field, it is likely that you will need to obtain a bachelor's degree, preferably in engineering or a related field. A maintenance planner will analyze machinery in an industrial setting to make sure all pieces work properly and efficiently. If a particular process or machine is holding up production or otherwise preventing efficiency, the planner will need to redevelop a workflow and find a machine to do the work more efficiently.

A mechanical engineering degree is often a good way to prepare yourself to become a maintenance planner. This degree program will teach you the basics of mechanics as well as complex processes such as hydraulics, electronics, and physics. In order to become a maintenance planner, you will need to complete the four-year degree and obtain any necessary certifications outlined by local laws and regulations, if any exist. Once you become a maintenance planner, it is likely that you will need to take part in professional development courses and certifications that ensure you are current on your knowledge of processes and technological advancements.


Once you have completed your education, it is likely that you will need to participate in an apprenticeship program or job shadowing program in order to become a maintenance planner. During this period, you will participate in classroom education as well as on the job training under the guidance of an experienced maintenance planner. The duration of this apprenticeship or job shadowing can vary significantly; it may last a few months or a few years. The good news is you are likely to be paid during this time period, though you may not receive the same salary as a full-time, experienced maintenance planner.

You can begin preparing for a job as a maintenance planner as early as high school. Math and science courses are especially important, and doing well in these courses will help you get accepted to a good engineering college program. Whenever possible, take part in engineering courses, as these will give you the basic skills and knowledge necessary to perform job functions pertaining to maintenance planning. You can gain some job experience by working in an industrial setting and learning to use industrial machinery that you are likely to encounter once you become a maintenance planner.


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