How do I Become a Maintenance Mechanic?

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There are four items required to become a maintenance mechanic: mechanical aptitude, post-secondary training, related work experience, and certification. A maintenance mechanic is responsible for the smooth operation of large machines used in factories. This type of mechanic is also known as a production mechanic.

The role of maintenance mechanic is most suitable for people who enjoy working with their hands. In a typical day, the mechanic is required to perform routine maintenance, disassemble, clean, and reassemble complex parts, and perform repairs. Someone who is good with their hands and skilled with a wide ranges of tools will find this type of work satisfying. Many people who want to become a maintenance mechanic have a workbench at home, where they can repair and disassemble mechanical devices.

There are two methods of obtaining the required post-secondary training to become a maintenance mechanic. The first method is to apply to community or career college after completing high school. These programs usually require courses in English and technology. Many programs have a skills test, where candidates are required to diagnose and repair a broken mechanical device within a specific time frame.


The second method is to complete the training as part of an apprenticeship program. Students who learn best by working often take part in apprenticeship programs, where they are hired in a junior role, under the supervision of a licensed mechanic. Over time, they are trained to complete the tasks of the job. Courses are required to obtain the license, and these are usually taken at night or on the weekends. The application requirements for this program are less stringent, but many employers are now accepting only apprentices who have completed high school.

The related work experience that will help you become a maintenance mechanic include working in a factory, helping with machine maintenance, automobile repair, small engine repair and any other job that requires mechanical skills. In order to become a licensed maintenance mechanic, many states have specific education, experience and examination requirements. Candidates who have obtained the required education and experience are eligible to write the maintenance mechanic examination.

This multiple choice test is usually available anytime during the year. Contact your local government licensing agency to determine exactly where the exam will be held. Important information to review includes safety, mechanics, principles of physics and ethics. Upon successful completion, you are issued a license as a maintenance mechanic.

A maintenance mechanic apprentice is usually paid minimum wage at the start of his career. As more skills are learned and applied, the rate of pay increases. A licensed mechanic is often required to work shifts, evenings, and weekends. In addition, they are often scheduled to work during periods when the plant is shut down, so that the equipment can be maintained.


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