How do I Become a Library Clerk?

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A library clerk is often one who works at the front desk of a library, assisting the librarian in any necessary tasks. To become a library clerk, it is typically necessary to have a high school diploma, and to simply fill out an application for the job. Many library clerks are in the process of getting their bachelor's or master's degrees in order to become librarians, and are trying to learn more by getting firsthand experience. This is certainly not a job requirement, however, and some library clerks may even still be in high school.

On a daily basis, a library clerk may be responsible for answering phones, talking to library patrons and answering questions, checking books in and out, issuing new library cards, collecting fees on overdue books or for other services, such as the use of a fax machine or copy machine, and keeping records on a computer. A library clerk is an entry-level position in a library, and it is expected that those who want to become a library clerk already have basic office skills.

To become a library clerk, begin by inquiring within libraries in your area to see if any are hiring. Libraries frequently have small, limited budgets, and while they may accept volunteers readily, they may only be able to hire a new clerk on a part-time basis. For those looking for library experience, volunteering or taking an unpaid internship can be an excellent starting place.


When you are making your inquiries, remember to dress professionally and to appear personable, polite, and knowledgeable. A positive first impression can make a big difference. Fill out applications neatly and legibly, and include any special skills that would make you a good fit at the library. Attaching a resume, if you have one, is another great way to become a library clerk.

When coming in for an interview, enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard are important qualities to emphasize when trying to become a library clerk. Some libraries may hire a new clerk on a trial basis, to see if you will fit in well with the other employees, and will succeed when working with library patrons. Library clerks also need to have a good grasp of the various technologies used in the library, such as searchable databases, other types of library oriented software. Though a library may be willing to train a new library clerk, it is helpful to learn as much as you can ahead of time, so you can demonstrate why it is a good idea to hire you.


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I'm a part-time library clerk and full-time student. I'm working on my way to getting a bachelors then my masters in library science. I absolutely love my job. I encourage more people to take the opportunity to be a library clerk!

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