How do I Become a Lending Manager?

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A lending manager is an upper level position in a bank with a great deal of responsibility. Someone who wants to become a lending manager will generally need a significant amount of experience in the banking industry, and may have started as a loan clerk and eventually progressed to the position of loan officer before being promoted into a management position. Some banks may also require individuals who want to become a lending manager to have a degree in business, financial management, or a related field that ensures they have both financial knowledge, as well as experience managing and supervising other employees.

Anyone who wants to become a lending manager should consider how they could get know-how in both areas of the job, finance and management. Starting out working in a bank can be good experience; depending on how early you start, even working as a teller could be seen as a useful part of a finance background. Management experience can be gleaned by becoming a head teller, and supervising other employees. Another option is to apply for an entry-level loan clerk position, and then work hard when preparing reports and running loan applications. This work might lead to supervisory or senior positions in the lending department, such as a loan officer, which is one of the individuals responsible for making lending decisions.


Going above and beyond to display good customer service skills and the ability to work in a team is a great way to eventually become a lending manager. This is because it will demonstrate to your superiors that you possess not only the technical loan skills, but that you also have the skills required for management and working with other people. A senior loan officer will generally have some supervisory responsibility with other loan clerks, which will translate into management experience.

Otherwise, education can also help you to become a lending manager, thought it will be difficult to enter the position immediately after college without any real-world experience. This is why it is important to work in the field during college. It is also important to remember all of the most important tips for applying and interviewing for jobs; for example, make sure your resume is neat, concise, and free of errors. When you go to interviews, arrive on time, dress professionally, and appear knowledgeable about the company and enthusiastic about the position. Making a good impression at an interview is vitally important for any job, even if you have all the required experience and education qualifications.


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