How Do I Become a Lead Inspector?

Jennifer Leigh

A lead inspector works to investigate if unsafe or hazardous lead is present in various environments such as residential facilities, schools, government buildings and offices. In order to become a lead inspector it is necessary to be properly trained and certified in the area. This is done through attending training programs, taking a third-party exam and applying to be certified. Lead inspectors work for a variety of organizations such as private businesses, the government and engineering firms. Some lead inspectors also perform other services, and have other skills and training as well.

Lead contamination in children can cause a variety of health problems.
Lead contamination in children can cause a variety of health problems.

Lead inspectors usually begin by taking a lead inspection training course. These courses are held by technical colleges, community colleges and government offices, and are offered in the areas of lead inspection, lead paint, becoming a supervisor and lead abatement or removal. Individuals need to find out the correct courses required for licensure in their area before attending classes. These courses are required for lead inspectors to take in order to become certified.

Children may receive lead exposure from toys made with lead paint.
Children may receive lead exposure from toys made with lead paint.

An examination is a typical requirement in order to become a lead inspector. Once an individual can prove that they have taken a lead inspection course they are eligible to take the examination, which must be passed in order to become certified in the area of lead inspection. Usually, governmental agencies in your area such as your local health department will have details about the requirements and fees for the examination. This normally has to be given by a third party, rather than the facility where the training took place.

Once an individual passes the examination, it is possible for them to become a lead inspector that is certified in the field. This enables an individual to gain employment inspecting hazardous areas for lead that might be dangerous to humans or the environment. An application, along with passing test results and a fee, is usually required to become certified. Certification typically must be renewed every few years, but this varies depending on the location where an individual resides.

Once an individual has become a lead inspector with certification it is possible to obtain employment at engineering firms, risk assessment firms and government offices. A lead inspector might also work as a engineer or as an inspector of other types of hazardous materials. Applicants for these positions must meet all of the criteria for employment depending on the job description at the specific organization or firm they are applying with.

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