How do I Become a Laser Technician?

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Generally, a person who wants to become a laser technician needs at least a high school or General Educational Development (GED) diploma. After obtaining either credential, a person interested in this field usually goes on to pursue an electronic or laser technology degree or certificate. Most people obtain the education required for this job at a community college or vocational school.

There are some high school courses that may help prepare a person to become a laser technician. They include advanced math and computer science courses as well as those that develop communication skills. If high school courses in electricity or electronics are available, they may prove helpful for the aspiring laser technician as well.

An individual interested in a job as a laser technician generally has to develop certain skills in order to succeed in this field. He’ll need drafting skills, for example, as well as some knowledge and skill with computer-assisted design (CAD). Manual dexterity is required for those in this job, as they usually have to handle fragile equipment. Since laser technicians often have to work with others or visit customer locations, they generally need good communication skills as well.


In most cases, companies that employ laser technicians expect them to have associate’s degrees or certificates in a subject related to the job. Some schools offer laser/electro-optics technology degrees, which is a common choice among those planning to become laser technicians. If this major is not available, however, a person who wants to become a laser technician may seek a degree or certificate in electric technology instead. Some also take vacuum technology and optics courses in preparation for this job. Educational programs that offer both coursework and hands-on experience may be helpful for someone who wants to pursue this field.

Though not required, some laser technicians choose to pursue additional education after gaining employment. An aspiring laser technician may, for example, earn a certificate and seek employment in the field. Then, he may go back to school to seek a degree while he is gainfully employed. Some may even decide to seek advancement by pursuing engineering degrees.

An individual who wants to become a laser technician may find a job by searching help-wanted ads and online job boards. He may even learn about companies that employ laser technicians by inquiring at a vocational school. An aspiring laser technician may also check his local phone directory for companies involved in the development and manufacture of lasers.


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