How do I Become a Landscape Photographer?

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To become a landscape photographer, you should have a natural eye for scenery, an aptitude for photography and training in the field, and a passion for the craft, which can lead you to jobs as either a freelancer or full-time landscape photographer. Landscape photographers can work in a variety of industries, from media and publishing to education and the arts. Those working in this discipline of photography traditionally start out taking landscape photographs as a hobby or side job, and, through persistence and determination, land bigger and bigger gigs in the field.

The foundation to become a landscape photographer lies in your ability to identify scenes of natural beauty. This talent might be innate, but for many individuals, it is a learned process of awareness and recognition. Something as simple as pulling the car over to the side of the road to get a snapshot of the setting sun can do wonders toward opening your eyes to the beauty of the natural world. This awareness lays the groundwork for a future in landscape photography.


When looking to become a landscape photographer, you should consider your current knowledge of photography. All types of photography possess their own unique rules regarding light, color, distance, perspective, and composition; light is especially important in capturing memorable landscape photographs. Determine your comfort level with these aspects of the art. For some, the gift for taking unforgettable pictures is inborn, a natural talent to be further explored. In others, the desire is there but will require solid training in order for one to become a landscape photographer.

All photographers, regardless of talent, can benefit from a formal education in the craft. Most colleges and universities will offer concentrations in photography with an art degree. Specialized art schools and trade schools offer degrees, diplomas, or certificates in photography. You should research all your options thoroughly, and find the one that best suits your abilities, you career goals, and your budget.

Fortitude is a necessary ingredient to making it as a landscape photographer. Many starting out in the field take landscape photos as a hobby or as a source of supplemental income. This is an ideal way to begin your career as you can build up both your portfolio and your resume. As you gain more and more experience and have more and more pieces of work accepted for publication or sale, employers will be more apt to hire you for jobs. Ultimately, you may decide to work as an employee of a company, start your own business, or work as a freelance landscape photographer.


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