How Do I Become a Kickboxing Trainer?

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Kickboxing is a type of cardiovascular fitness program that combines kicks, punches, and aerobic exercise. In order to become a kickboxing trainer, you should first earn a physical education degree from a two or four-year college. You will also need to complete a CPR training course. A certification course in kickboxing instruction must be completed as well. You should then develop your own kickboxing routine and apply for a position at a fitness facility.

Kickboxing is a very popular martial arts workout routine. Kickboxing trainers typically lead a group of students in a carefully choreographed exercise program. You must be in excellent physical condition to become a kickboxing trainer. It is best to undergo a complete physical examination by a health care professional before beginning this career. This exam should include a joint-mobility test to determine your fitness for this physically demanding occupation.

After receiving medical clearance to pursue this career, you should enroll in a two or four-year program in physical education. A college degree in this field can significantly improve your chances of finding higher paying jobs. Large health clubs, corporate fitness centers, hotels, and cruise lines usually prefer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree with a major in physical education. You should also consider obtaining a group fitness certification before you become a kickboxing trainer. In the U.S., certification is available through the American Council on Exercise.


You should complete a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course before you become a kickboxing trainer. Most fitness organizations require kickboxing trainers to have a CPR certificate. You may also need to be certified in the use of an automated defibrillator device. These certifications assure prospective employers that you are trained to render basic medical assistance in the event of an emergency. In the U.S., certification training classes are offered by the American Heart Association.

Most would-be kickboxing trainers have already practiced kickboxing for a significant period of time, but you should enroll in a kickboxing instruction course to learn all aspects of this fitness program. You will receive instruction in kickboxing terminology, self-defense moves, equipment, and training. This course will prepare you to take a two-part certification exam offered by American Fitness Professionals & Associates. The first part of the test consists of written questions while the second part examines the practical aspects of your training. Certification testing may be conducted in-person or online.

Before you become a kickboxing trainer, you should develop your own unique workout program. This routine should be approximately one hour long and include music. You may want to tailor your regimen to a particular group such as women or children. Most prospective employers prefer to receive a workout video along with your resume. After the preliminaries are out of the way, apply for a kickboxing trainer position at a fitness facility, hotel, or cruise line.


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