How do I Become a Human Resources Manager?

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There are three requirements to becoming a Human Resources (HR) manager: post-secondary education, human resources certification, and experience. A human resources manager is responsible for the daily operation of the personal and payroll department. The size of the human resources department varies widely, and is based on the number of employees and the volume of human resources related work.

As a HR manager, your tasks include policy creation and management, providing guidance to supervisors and ensuring that all workplace laws are followed. In a large company, the human resources manager is a central resource for all employee-related issues. This includes discipline, hiring, termination and promotion decisions.

In order to work as a manager in human resources, you must have completed an undergraduate degree from a university or community college. There is no specific degree in human resources, but most candidates complete a bachelor of arts in a liberal arts subject, such as English or psychology. Another popular option is to complete a business degree.

The human resources certification is a post-graduate program that is typically one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. This certificate is offered at a wide range of community and career colleges. In order to qualify for this certificate, you must have a combination of education and work experience. On average, candidates have three to five years experience working in human resources.


The purpose of the certificate is to provide training in the specific laws, practices and procedures that are used in human resources. This includes payroll laws, accounting practices, government programs and local guidelines. This program has a heavy course load, with a significant amount of reading and essay writing requirements.

In order to become a human resources manager, you will need at least five years' experience in positions of increasing responsibility in a human resources department. Most employees start their careers as human resources officers or generalists in a large company. Over time, they gain the necessary skills and experience. Managing a human resources department is a large responsibility, as you are liable for ensuring that the company policies are in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Many human resources employees are promoted through the ranks of the company. The policies, environment and culture of each workplace are different. A firm understanding of how a company works, the issues and how the company has traditionally responded are all critical to performing the role of human resources manager well.


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Post 6

@anon55167: Perhaps, a Bachelor of Business and Commerce majoring in HR and Industrial Relations?

Post 4

Bhutan- Obtaining a PHR title which stands for a professional human resource designation really makes an applicant stand apart from the rest.

There are a number of human resource designations but this is by far the most widely recognized. Usually the salaries for human resource managers vary, but most make upwards of $50,000 or more.

The size of the company along with the experience and certifications really determine the salary range for this position.

Post 3

Comfyshoes- Another great way to break into the human resource field is by way of a staffing firm. Hiring is a large part of human resources and staffing firms generally hire college graduates for positions as recruiters.

The recruiters place job postings on line and sometimes in the paper, and interview prospective candidates to fill open positions.

The staffing company recruiter also checks references and qualifies candidates for jobs.

These jobs functions mirror work in a corporate environment which is why many companies hire applicants from staffing firms because the experience they have is the same experience that these hiring companies need.

Hiring people is a large part of human resources and many outside companies value this experience from applicants with staffing firm experience.

Post 2

Anon55157- There is nothing in particular that you need to study to go into the field of human resources.

Most companies simply look for college graduates with at least a four year degree. The type of degree does not matter.

For example, I was in the human resources field and had a four year degree in political science. So see it does not matter what you study, the important thing is to get a four year degree. Certifications are great for after you get the four year degree.

Post 1

what do i need to study in university to become an hr manager?

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