How Do I Become a Housekeeper?

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In order to become a housekeeper, you primarily need to develop effective cleaning skills and build up a group of clients. Often, you must also obtain licenses, become bonded, or jump through other legal and regulatory hoops. First and foremost, however, the key to becoming a housekeeper is to have the appropriate skills and attitude to succeed in the job. There are different ways to work as a housekeeper, and each of these should be considered before deciding which path to follow. A person who wishes to become a housekeeper must often be strong enough to advocate for his or her own rights, as this type of service work is vulnerable to unfair claims of unsatisfactory work.

Among the many ways to become a housekeeper, one of the most common ways to start out in this career is by getting a job working as a housekeeper for a business or individual home. Few homes need a full-time housekeeper, but many advertise for the services of a part-time employee. Working in a formal situation is often better than performing a few freelance jobs because of the benefits and protection an official job provides. Even so, when just starting out it may be valuable to take a part-time job in order to build credibility.


Skills and marketing are absolutely essential when trying to become a housekeeper full time or when starting a housekeeping business. Running a housekeeping business often requires more formal licenses, insurance, and even tax preparations, but this type of business can be quite lucrative when compared to working as an individuals. Making sure that the services rendered are precise and completely thorough is essential, and reaching new customers through advertising provides a way to demonstrate those services and gain loyal customers.

Housekeepers are often best served by word-of-mouth advertising, as people who need housekeepers most often find employees through friends. This means that, in order to get additional business, you must become a housekeeper of exceptional talent and service. Even so, part of being an independent contractor is making sure that your own needs are being met. Allowing clients to take advantage of their services is a major mistake made by many freelance workers because the housekeeper believes he or she needs the business and the money. Setting up boundaries in advance is a great way to make sure that clients do not abuse your kindness or tendency to provide service.

It is important for all housekeepers to obey all laws relevant in the areas they work. This may be as simple as filing the correct taxes, or it may be as complex as registering with a regulatory agency. Working under the table is not a good idea for any kind of employee, particularly when income is significant. Finding out about relevant regulations is the responsibility of the housekeeper, and failing to do so can be a serious problem resulting in fines.


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