How Do I Become a Homeopath?

Brandon May

Many people choose to become a homeopath because they want to help others heal their bodies using natural and non-invasive methods. Becoming a homeopathic physician requires dedication and hard work, as well as hours of study in traditional as well as conventional medical fields. A student needs to learn about nutrition, physical education, and herbal medicine. The work it takes, however, is often compensated for the reward many homeopathic physicians receive after helping a patient heal their bodies using their own innate vital body processes.

Homepaths help others heal using natural methods.
Homepaths help others heal using natural methods.

After finding the right homeopathic school or university, an accepted student should prepare in advance before beginning his or her study in this field of medicine. The student should already have the desire to help facilitate the body's natural and innate healing processes, as this can be a powerful driving force behind a successful career. Reading and studying about nutrition, homeopathic principles and doctrines, and physical fitness will help a student prepare for his or her future study in homeopathic and natural healing. This will also give him or her a glimpse into the type of knowledge needed in order to support his or her future patients.

To become a homeopath, a student will usually enroll in a number of prerequisite science courses to receive the proper background and framework required to understand the basic physiology of the human body. These courses include classes in biology and chemistry, as well as introductory courses in nutrition and physical fitness education. Once these courses have been successfully completed, the student can move on to the bulk of homeopathic teachings, focusing on herbal medicine, meditation, and homeopathic remedies. Gaining a full understanding of how these remedies can be used to ignite homeostatic mechanisms that send the body into better health is the foundation to become a homeopath.

It is possible to become a homeopath no matter where an individual resides, as this field of medicine is generally regarded as safe by most conventional medical practices. Often, a student will have to complete an internship before he or she can become a homeopath, but this depends on the type of school and program the student is accepted into. A student will often receive a license after the proper schooling that allows him or her to legally practice homeopathic medicine. Follow up courses may also be required to keep a degree valid, but this also depends on the degree and whether the student has specialized in a particular subject of homeopathy, such as nutrition.

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