How Do I Become a Health Promotion Specialist?

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The path to becoming a health promotion specialist can vary depending on the type of work sought by the candidate. Those looking to become a health promotion specialist should start with a general interest in helping others and a passion for healthy living. Meeting education requirements, a thorough understanding of the principles and theories related to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the ability to work with a diverse group of people are all important factors for this job.

Health promotion specialists are involved with many aspects of health education. They focus on providing information to individuals and communities concerning healthy eating habits and how to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. In addition to a focus on nutritional health, health promotion specialists also discuss topics such as drug abuse, mental health, and sexual health.

Demonstrating a passion for the field of health and nutrition is important for those looking to become a health promotion specialist. Clients and others will feed off of the enthusiasm of those in the position to help them learn about and incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. A passion for the field will also help fuel the desire for further education and allow individuals looking to become a health promotion specialist stay up to date on changes in the field.


The education standards often depend on the type of employment the candidate is seeking. Work with corporations and government agencies may require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Possible degree options for those looking to become a health promotion specialist include nutrition, health promotion, and dietetics. Employment opportunities with nursing homes and community agencies may hire those with a high school diploma and some college coursework related to the field, and then provide on-the-job training and education as needed.

Candidates should demonstrate an understanding of the theories related to promoting a healthy lifestyle. This includes basics surrounding nutrition and dietary guidelines. Those looking to become a health promotion specialist should also feel comfortable demonstrating exercise routines, discussing and addressing mental health issues, and instructing workshops related to a wide variety of health issues, such as smoking cessation and accident prevention.

Health promotion specialists must be able to work and communicate effectively with a diverse population. Some health promotion specialists may deal with specific segments of the population on a regular basis, but they may be asked to speak with groups ranging in age from young kids to elderly adults as well. Communicating effectively also includes the ability to speak in front of large groups of diverse people for school and community events. Health promotion specialists must also be able to identify specific problems and issues that may confront specific subsets of the population based ethnic and cultural differences.


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